Custom Web Development in Houston

Big Daddy Marketing - Website Developer in Houston

Websites should be a living and breathing communication vehicle. They continually need to be updated with new content in the form of documents, graphics, media and current news and events. When it's time to choose your custom web development in Houston, it's important to find a company that allows for these changing elements. All of the websites that our company develops come complete with a CMS (Content Management Systems) which puts the website owner in control of his/her website. This tool is rich-featured and essentially operates like MS Word in its editing/layout capabilities. It offers the ability to add/edit pages, upload pictures, files and documents, video, Flash elements and offers a wide variety of layout tools.

But controlling the look and feel of your website is one thing. It is important that your site is compelling, interesting and provides the message and information needed to be an effective marketing tool for your organization. At Big Daddy Marketing, your local website developer in Houston, we build great looking websites. But if the websites don't work for you; if they don't bring in customers or they are just pretty websites - what's the point?

When we take on a new project we go through many steps:


Fact Finding

you interview us, we interview you. There are a lot of questions asked in this step.



once we know what you are looking for, we will deliver a written proposal.


Web Design

if the proposal is accepted, we then begin the design phase.


Web Development

once the design has been approved, we will integrate the design into the application.



we'll then hand you over the keys and you can take her for a spin!



once you give us the green light, we launch the site.

Although all 6 steps are extremely important, the one we spend the most time on is Fact Finding.

We want to know

  • Why you do?
  • What you do?
  • How you do it?
  • How long you've been doing it?
  • Why you are better?
  • Why you are worse?
  • what you can systematize?
  • Who your competitors are?
  • What are they doing?
  • Where your bottle-necks are?
  • Where you shine? etc.

By asking all of these questions up front, we go into the development process with both eyes open. You have taught us what you can about your company and we take that information and pair it with what we know about the web-world and most of the time, we come up with a fantastic solution.