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Big Daddy Marketing - Social Media Specialist in Houston

                            If you think social media is Facebook and Twitter, think again!

Social media started as a simple way for friends and family to communicate in a new way over the internet. It didn't take long before that changed. The social media landscape today is very different and it is changing all the time. For a while the big four social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linked In - had very defined roles; but now those roles are overlapping and even competing. Google has gotten into the game with Google+, and now there is Google+ Local. In addition there are many, many other social media sites with cute names like Stumble Upon, Squidoo, Flixster, Bebo and more.     

Success using social media comes from a strategy that incorporates the following:

  • Proper use of the right social media sites for your business.
  • Providing interesting, important and entertaining content consistently.
  • Balancing what you provide between advice, general interest and outright marketing of your organization.
  • Above all, making your social media sustainable.

Right now we need to say a word about the great social media phenomena called "Going Viral.” At Big Daddy Marketing - your local social media specialist in Houston, we know that no matter what dancing babies or singing animals catapult a company or brand into instant world-wide awareness, it really isn’t worth much in the long run if it doesn’t sustain itself after your dancing baby is replaced by someone else’s in the fleeting world of social media. Ultimately, it is better to have 250 hard core fans for your organization than to have 2500 that liked your Facebook page because you had your 15 minutes of viral fame and after that faded because they don’t even remember who you are.

Our Social Media Strategy

Our strategy in helping you with social media is to work with you instead of work for you. Sure you can pay us to tweet or post for you; but in reality, success in the world of social media requires three things:

  • Being an expert in your industry and knowing your customers.
  • Having knowledge about social media and its ever changing landscape.
  • Balancing your social media plan with your other marketing. Ultimately everything you do in social media and every other form of marketing must drive prospects to your website, into your store or wherever they need to go to become a customer.

Obviously the first item is where you come in. Without the knowledge of what you are trying to promote and who you are trying to promote it to will cause any social media plan will fall flat on its face. As the leading social media networking expert in Houston, we take care of the other two items. Together we make a plan, implement it, monitor it to make sure it is working, and continue to work and adapt the plan as the social media world changes.
In addition, we can come up with more than a social media plan for you. Social media should only be part of a solid marketing plan that includes an effective website along with online and traditional marketing.