Mobile Websites are Different

Our Mobile Websites can be easily integrated into your existing website. Plus all our website platforms have a mobile page builder included on each page.

Almost half of all web browsing is done on a mobile phone. Can your website be viewed easily on a mobile phone? ARE YOU SURE?

Having your website resize itself for a smart phone screen is not enough. The text can be too small to read and the size of the images and graphics on your site can make it very slow to load.

It is one thing for your website to be visible on a mobile phone and quite another to be useful. Creating a mobile website is more then reformatting your pages to be readable on the smaller, more vertical Smartphone screen. It takes an understanding of how surfing the web on a mobile device like a smart phone is different from the way it is viewed from a desktop computer. We understand this and have a variety of tools in our arsenal to help you not just create a mobile website, but to create an amazing mobile website; a MOBILE TOUCH WEBSITE.

Types of Mobile Websites


This is the simplest way to make your website mobile friendly. A single home page, or landing page, that is formatted for a mobile phone operating system can contain a quick description of your company or organization and your contact information.
While this is not the best option, it is the least expensive. It also works well when all your customers and prospects need while surfing the web with a smart phone is your contact information. Mobile Landing Pages start as low as $149.00.

For tips on building a mobile website