Some Good Ideas for Successful E-mail
  • As much as the mail boxes outside of our homes are full of mail, our email boxes are even worse.Email marketing is popular, it is relatively inexpensive and not that difficult to do.Just like any other form of marketing, in order to get noticed, it needs to stand out.Here are some basic ideas you should be implementing.

State the purpose of the email upfront

Make sure your list is good

Plan your emails based on what your customers do

Consistency of design and content

Create a schedule

Target your audience

Less is more when it comes to frequency

Consider what kind of reaction you want

All of your email must be CAN-SPAM compliant

Email success comes from keeping your emails consistent in look and how often they are sent.Make them short and to the point with easy ways for someone to respond.Finally, make sure your list is accurate and keep analyzing your results to refine your message and increase your success rate.

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