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Big Daddy Marketing is your local email marketing service provider in Houston, but what exactly does that mean?

Basic Definition

Email marketing communicates messages to promote a product, service, company or organization. 

Email, like any other form of communication, should have the following goals

  • Enhancing your relationship with customers, prospects, members or donors.
  • Acquiring new customers, members or donors.
  • Convincing someone to purchase something immediately by announcing a sale, promotion, event or new product.


Email marketing (on the Internet) is popular with companies for several reasons:

  1. It is easy to track and measure results.​
  2. It can be automated.
  3. It is relatively inexpensive when compared to direct mail and print advertising.


  1. ​Because of increased popularity, everyone’s email boxes are loaded with email marketing.
  2. Email must be compliant with various regulations in order to not be considered SPAM.
  3. While the rate an email is opened can be high, the response rate can be low when compared to direct mail.


Direct Send

An email or series of emails are crafted to send individually and are usually time sensitive. This could an announcement of a specific promotion or event, a newsletter with timely information or an important announcement.

A series of emails messages can be specifically set up to send at a certain time and in specific order. This is a fully automated process. This is ideal for providing information to establish you or your organization as an expert in a field.

Auto Responder

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